The Watchman

The Watchman

Thursday, February 14, 2013

26 Valentines

On the first Valentine's Day that Rick and I were actually together (prior Valentine's Days he had been on an LDS mission), Rick picked me up, took me for a drive and presented me with a bottle of sparkling cider, two wine glasses etched with hearts and a candy jar full of conversation hearts.  Since it was really late at night, we ended up sitting in front of my parents house drinking the cider and playing what has become an annual favorite.  I don't think we have given it an official name, but since that night, each year we break out  boxes of conversation hearts and start making sentences.  The sillier the better:

Dare Ya Kiss Me
Be Mine Soul Mate
My Cutie I'm Sure Love You
Don't Tell You Rock So Fine UR Mine
Get Real Love You My Cutie

I'm off to buy more hearts and let the games begin.

Happy Valentine's Day to my forever Valentine!!!!

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