The Watchman

The Watchman

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Learned a New Word...

Bleisure - The blurry line between business and leisure. (Source: Economic Times as reported in Reader's Digest.

Over the four-day weekend, Rick and I were able to engage in some bleisure time.

Here are some pictures from Friday and Saturday at the Zion Canyon Music Festival:

Terry Evans

Food Row

The Brian Jordan Band

The Brothers Comatose

The Shakers got people moving

Yes, Rick and I worked.  We drafted the kids to work.  The Town Staff and all the great volunteers worked.  It was a big party with lots and lots and lots of guests.  If the feedback on the Facebook page is any indication, everyone had a great time.  I think the Festival just gets better every year.

But we had fun too.  We played:

And we shopped:

One of the girls' favorite vendors - Scrabble Tile Jewelry

Some of the great finds the girls and I picked up.

And we ate:

We so love The Big Chill
And we danced:
 (Here are a some of the performers that had me dancing with my sweetie.  There were even a few kisses thrown in.)

The Brothers Comatose filmed at the Zion Canyon Music Festival

On Sunday, we brought home a new member of the family that we met at the Festival.

Daisy, Lela, Emily and (introducing) Sadie
On Monday, I went with Rick up and back to Salt Lake to return the refrigerated trailer the Town had rented for use at the Festival.  Eleven hours in a truck with stops for lunch and dinner, talking, laughing, singing along with the MP3 Playlist, seeing the fall colors in Northern Utah, holding hands and enjoying being together.  Yep, I still really like that guy.  And Jon and the girls did awesome holding down the fort until our return.

Today is back to business as usual and hopefully I can get a nap.  Bleisure time is exhausting.


  1. Bleisure. What a wonderful new word to experience! It looks like you had an amazing time. Welcome Sadie! Aren't the N. Utah mountains insanely beautiful this fall? Enjoy your downtime!

    1. I do miss the colors of autumn, so it was nice to get a fix. I will take time with my sweetie whenever I can, so it is good to have some fun along the way. The Festival is always so much fun and we get to meet such amazing people. There are some vendors that come every year and so it is like seeing old friends.

  2. It looks like it was a wonderful event! Love the new word- I am engaging in a bit of "Bleisure" time myself this month! I am sad we missed the festival. One of these years Greg and I will come down for it. Actually, we'd have to bring the kids too since neither our girls nor your girls would be happy if we didn't!

    1. You must come to the Festival - last weekend in September. They already have about half the line-up for next year. It is going to be fantastic.

      What are you and Greg up to for your bleisure time? It looks like I'm heading to Phoenix next week while Rick is at the ICMA conference.