The Watchman

The Watchman

Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission

So imagine the scene:  A family gathered together; father, mother, brothers and sisters.  One member of the family sits in the middle of the group holding a letter.  You can tell by looking at him that he is both excited and nervous.  Slowly and carefully he pulls back the flap, as he thinks of the time he has spent preparing for this moment.  He can hardly believe this day is here.  In the background he can hear his brothers and sisters cheering him on and urging him to hurry.  He can tell that his father and mother are excited for the new adventure he is to embark on, but that they are also anxious.  He will be leaving them.  Has he learned enough to make the right choices?  Will he return to them when this time is over?  How much they love him and how they will miss him.  Will he write?  Will he let them know what is happening to him?  Will he ask for help and advice when he needs it?

These are all thoughts that went through my mind each time I watched one of my boys open their letter or "mission call" assigning them to the area they would serve for 2 years for the LDS church.  These times have always left me with mixed emotions: happiness that they have met this goal, excitement that they are embarking on a life changing experience, but also sadness because I knew how much I would miss each of them.  

When Jon opened his mission call, these feelings were especially strong.  Hunter was home and there with us via Facetime and Wil was still in Japan.  Three boys at three different points on the continuum. As I thought about this, I had the strongest impression that this is in a small way how our Heavenly Father felt as we left His presence to come to earth to gain a body and to be tested. To learn and to grow.  To gain experience we could gain in no other way.

Do we write home or pray when times are good and not just when they are bad?  Are we willing to heed the counsel He has given us through the scriptures and continues to give us through a living prophet and answer to our personal prayer?  Will we diligently strive to return home to Him?  

How joyous have been our reunions when our sons have returned home!!!  Lots of tears! Lots of hugs! Lots of smiles and laughter!  Lots of excitement as experiences are retold!  How much more joyous will be the welcome we receive from our Heavenly family when we return there.

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