The Watchman

The Watchman

Friday, September 6, 2013

Another blessing

Isn't it funny how your mind works sometimes?  About a month ago, Hunter was asked by one of his mission companions if they could still log into their LDS email accounts.  Hunter didn't know the answer, so he decided to check it out.  Much to his dismay, he learned that his account had been deactivated and so he no longer had access to any of the emails he had sent home during his two years in Montana.  He bounced back with: That's okay, because you should still have them in your account mom.

So we checked.  And found that for whatever reason is there in the world of gmail, there are no letters.  Still okay Hunter said, there is the blog you kept for me while I was gone.  Nope, because I didn't start posting to the blog until his mission was about half over.  That is still okay he said.  I have pictures and memories.  I on the other hand was heartbroken for my son.

Now here is a confession, after our house fire which resulted in the loss of our computer, all the letters Hunter had sent previously were gone from my internet account.  So just after that first Christmas, he sent me his log in information and I spent part of a day going back in to his account and forwarding those letters to myself.  But it appeared that even those had been lost along with everything else.

But isn't it funny how your mind works sometimes?  Last night as I was sitting checking email, paying bills, stalking my friends on Facebook and all those other things I do on a daily basis on the computer, it came in to my mind to check my other email account, the one I now use solely for paying bills.  Sure enough, there they all were, including all the emails I had forwarded that covered the first part of his mission, the part that was pre-blog.

Since it was about ten at night, I immediately sent Hunter an email letting him know what I had found.  The response I received this morning was a resounding: EXCELLENT!

Happy day!!  We are so blessed! :)

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