The Watchman

The Watchman

Friday, March 25, 2011

Love Spring Soccer!!!!

I just returned from standing for two hours in the rain and wind watching my girls play soccer. No, there will not be any pictures accompanying this post, because I was too busy trying to hold my umbrella while keeping my hands in the sleeves of my sweatshirt since I didn't have any gloves. Honestly, I was really glad I hadn't packed my closet yet, so I still had a sweatshirt to wear.

These were actually the first games of the season that were bad weather. There have been other games that were chilly, but nothing that could be considered downright miserable. In fact, most of the day was quite pleasant with the sun shining even though it was a little breezy. About 3:30, clouds started moving in, but didn't look like it would amount to much. By the time we left the house fifteen minutes later, it was sprinkling. The drive from our home to the school is about a mile and a half. Just as we arrived the heavens opened up and down came sheets of water. Lela was out of the car in a flash to be with her team, but Emily and I sat for a few minutes watching the rain actually get worse.

Finally we braved the weather and headed to the soccer field. In a matter of minutes, we were both soaked. Luckily, Rick was coming separately and swung by the house and got our umbrellas. By half-time, Lela looked like she had taken a shower with her clothes on.

We thought for sure Emily's game would be cancelled, but the kids voted to play. The coaches did make the decision to have shorter halves. By this time, there was so much rain that water was standing on the field in puddles and the grass was very slippery. It was amazing that no one ended up on their butts when kicking the ball or while running up and down the field. After another 30 minutes of wind and rain running off my umbrella in streams, the whistle blew ending the game. As soon as the high fives were complete, the rain stopped and we were greeted with the most beautiful rainbow over the soccer field.

So here's the thing, even though the weather was miserable, these kids had a great time. They all played hard and encouraged each other. They knew that if they didn't show up, they would be letting their teammates down. The weather was there, but I don't think they seemed to notice until after the game was over.

As we were driving home, the girls were talking about how cold their feet were and how all they wanted to do was get home and take a hot bath. I asked them if they would have liked to just stay home to begin with so they wouldn't have gotten so cold. They couldn't believe I would suggest such a thing. They had had a great time. This would be a game they would laugh about next week with their friends.

As I thought about their reaction, I realized that today's games were like life. If we keep a positive attitude, we can get through life's trials. We need to remember what is important and keep our eye on the goal. When we need it, we can look to our friends for support and encouragement. And in the end, Heavenly Father is always there and He loves us.

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