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The Watchman

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cotton Days

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Dixie. It was a day I spent with the second graders of La Verkin Elementary learning about the heritage of this area we now call home.

For a little background, when the Mormon Pioneers came to Utah one of their goals was to be self-sufficient. To that end, President Brigham Young sent a group of Saints south on what was referred to as the Cotton Mission. These brave men and women settled what is now the City of Washington.

I cannot imagine what it must have been like for them. Most of them were from the Southern States of the United States. If any of you have been there, you know how green and lush the vegetation is and how plentiful water is. What a contrast to the red rocks and desert landscape that was to become there home.

Each year the City of Washington sponsors Cotton Days. Part of the activities is a day for the second grade students in Washington County to attend as part of their Utah Heritage studies. Since I am now foot loose and fancy free (unemployed), I decided to take the opportunity to go on this field trip with Emily. Here are our photos of all the fun.

Emily on the bus with her friends

lots of 2nd graders

Learning about the first schoolhouse and the first
school teacher at the Washington Heritage Museum

A display of different carriages, wagons, coaches
and even a handcart

The children learned about flint and Mrs. Hummel
shot the rifle

These are just a few of the tractors on display.
There were some of the horse drawn variety as well.

Learning to make sorghum/molasses

An old-fashioned magic show to the sounds of a calliope

Learning to spin thread from both cotton and wool,then learning how to weave it into cloth.

Making candles

Lunch in front of the museum. Nothing like PB & J to end a field trip.

Emily gave the day a thumbs up.

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