The Watchman

The Watchman

Friday, July 22, 2011

Today I Traversed the Backbone of the World

It was a dark and stormy day and our intrepid travelers were set to travel the Going to the Sun Road, but the Thunder God was abroad in the land and so plans were revised and an alternate route was chosen.

The Blackfeet Indians refer to the mountains of Glacier International Peace Park as the Backbone of the World. The Park is full of lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Because the peaks were completely obscured by cloud cover, we chose to travel around the south side of the park from the east to the west. There were so many amazing sites on this route, that we were glad we had taken it. We were even more grateful when we got to the west entrance and were notified that there were 40 minute delays due to road construction on what is normally a treacherous road.

The morning started where it ended last night in Great Falls. Hunter's list of things to do before leaving Montana included a visit to Ryan Dam and the Great Falls of Montana. These were some of the most impressive falls I have ever seen. The very air vibrated with the sound of the crashing water.

The Falls are best viewed from an island in the middle of the river reached by crossing a rickety bridge that will sway with least provocation.

This sign is at the start of the bridge:

This sign greets visitors on the island:

We've seen other sites on our trip that made us laugh and made us think. We are so blessed to live in a country where you can have a bumper sticker reading, "Friends don't let friends vote Republican" without fear.

Arch over the entrance to park in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Cutbank, Montana

It is good to have a fallback option......

Along Highway 2 Montana

Tomorrow is the final day of our Road Trip before we head home. We have seen so many beautiful and inspiring sites, met the most incredible people and made lasting memories for our family.

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