The Watchman

The Watchman

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Fair Time!!!!

I love Fairs!!! I love town fairs!!! I love the State Fair!!! and I especially love County Fairs!!!!  So I am excited that it is Fair Time in Washington County.

When I was younger, I would often go with my Grandma Cook to help with the entries for the Davis County Fair.  She was in charge of the Home Arts (crocheting, needlework, etc).  I remember the pride she took in arranging the exhibits so that each entry was displayed to its best.  It was also special to spend that one-on-one time with her even if it meant early mornings and late nights.

Each year, my parents would take us to the county fair and then later to the Utah State Fair.  We loved the barns of animals, were amazed by the talent of entries in the arts and crafts (as a teen I especially enjoyed all the wedding dresses) and the size of some of the produce entries,  and enjoyed the carnival rides and entertainment.  As a pre-teen participating in 4-H, there were many years that I had entries in the county fair as well and often was the recipient of blue ribbons.  This only increased my love of the fair.

We have continued this tradition with our children.  Petting zoos have always been a favorite in our family.  Here are some of my favorite fair photos with my kids through the years:

When we moved to La Verkin, we were greeted with the question of whether or not we would step up and complete a "seed display" to represent Springdale at the Washington County Fair.  What is a seed display you ask?  It is a display made to spotlight the community that is related to the theme of the fair.  It is to be constructed of natural materials such as seeds, grass, food, etc. that may be dyed to create a specific color, but it is better if the color is the natural color of the item being used.

The winner at the county fair level is expected to recreate the display for the Utah State Fair as the representative for Washington County.  Luckily, we have never had to do this.  We always strive to create an entry that highlights the uniqueness that is Springdale, but we only strive for the People's Choice award, not the Best of Show award.

Here are some of the displays we have created over the years:

And here is this year's display for the theme "Rock and Roll".... (As you can tell, we went with blatant self-promotion):

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