The Watchman

The Watchman

Thursday, September 20, 2012

We Roll That Way Too

This morning I read this blog post by Stephanie Nielson.  I have so come to enjoy her blog as a daily part of my life  This morning I just smiled, because today her life so mirrored my own.

Last night, by the time Rick got home from work, I could barely stand let alone walk.  I had dinner started, but didn't know how I was going to finish.  That sweet husband of mine brought me Ibuprofen, an ice pack and my cookbook, then helped me prop the offending foot up with ice and had me show him what I had planned for dinner.  Then proceeded to make us a wonderful meal of Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas and Kale, Quinoa and Heirloom Tomato Salad.  We only had two little bumps in the preparation - the kale I had in the crisper had needed to hit the compost pile and since I need to watch my points, I had chosen not to use the heavy cream in the enchiladas.

After dinner, Rick helped Emily bake a carrot cake and frost with cream cheese frosting, then finished rearranging the DVD shelves in the family room.  He also acted as my "cute little secretary" as a friend called him, answering my phone and bringing me anything else I needed.  Yep, he was a busy guy, but he let me keep my foot elevated all evening and today I can walk again with just a twinge.

Today being Thursday, I have spent the morning posting on Social Media the latest updates/promos for the Zion Canyon Music Festival.  I am so excited for the Festival this year.  I can hardly believe it is only a week away.  The lineup of performers is amazing and I know there will be some amazing food vendors as well.  My girls are already placing special orders.  We have simplified the Kid Zone this year going solely with bounce houses, a climbing wall and games (no crafts), so hopefully I will get to listen a little more to the performances and do a little dancing.  If not, many of the groups have already ended up on my playlist, although nothing compares to the echo from the canyon walls.

The Festival Committee has worked hard to find ways to make the Festival self-supporting while keeping admission free for spectators and I think that this year they have succeeded.  The Mayor and Council in Springdale are owed a big thanks for their support of the event and their understanding that the whole Town benefits when there are quality events in the community.

Here are some photos from last year's festival:

If you decide to drop by and have some fun, you can come say "Hi" to me in the Kid Zone.

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  1. Look at the backdrop of the mountains on the festival! Beautiful.
    You have an amazing husband/secretary/chef living in your home. I'm happy to read you have some help. I hope you're feeling better soon.