The Watchman

The Watchman

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Very Merry Nerdy Christmas from Japan

I have come to accept the fact that I have raised some very nerdy children.

Here are a couple of them on New Year's Eve:

Now I hope you noticed the Pokemon (Pikachu) shirts.  These shirts were given to them by their sisters.  You should have seen the excitement exhibited Christmas morning as they were unwrapped.  The level of excitement only increased when it was explained that one also went to Japan to the middle son.  A portion of our Christmas Day phone call was the three boys coordinating a day that all would wear the shirt and pictures would be taken to commemorate the event.

Then we received a letter from said middle child that contained pictures of what he has been up to recently in his missionary service in Japan.  A bonus was a little Christmas present for each member of the family, complete with an explanation.  After reading the letter via telephone to the oldest son who had returned to school in the frozen north, he felt strongly that said present should be posted to this blog to further confirm to each of you my family's nerdiness.  So here is what we received, complete with the explanation.  I will forego  trying to type the words in Japanese, but stick to the English translation.

Mom - Blissey: Because you're the best mom and take care of us.

Dad - Flygon: Because Flygon is a dragon and is cool.  And dad is cool.
Hunter - Alakazam: I don't know why he likes it, but whatever.

Jon - Scizor: I don't know why he likes this one either.

Lela - Milotic: Because it's a beautiful fish.  Not a Tigershark though.

Emily - Dratini: I want her to know that she got one of my dragons for Christmas.  Hopefully she'll remember how nice I am to her.  And I think the card's cute.

Nataly - Charizard: Because Charizard is awesome! And she is awesome!

Hope you all have a very happy and blessed New Year and celebrate the nerdiness!


  1. We nerds of a feather, flock together!~

  2. Ann, you KNOW I have to share this with the man and Christian, right? They will freak out! I love the shirts and the fact that they are all in front of their devices. Nerds rule!
    Happy, Happy New Year to you and your family. <3