The Watchman

The Watchman

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Civic Responsibility and Fortune Cookies

Today was another milestone day in a child's life - Wil voted for the first time.  Unlike myself in 1984 or his older brother in 2008, whose first ballot was cast by mail, Wil went to the polls with Rick and I this morning.  On the way in I asked him if he knew who he was voting for and he rolled his eyes and said not to worry, he had it covered.  When I took him to register to vote last month, it felt like it was something he was just doing to humor me.  Sunday in church the teacher asked the class if anyone knew what Tuesday was.  Wil said it was kind of cool to be able to say that he was going to be able to vote.

After voting, Wil and I drove to St. George with Rick so he could pick up some plans from the Town's engineers and to pick up our copy of Inheritance from Barnes and Noble.  The boys in my home have been counting the days till this book would be released.  There was much wailing and complaining when the expected trilogy did not end with the third book, but went on to be a series.  Luckily I also ordered a copy for the Kindle, so I will only have to referee between Jon and Wil for possession of the hardbound book.

After all the errands were completed, we went to Panda Express for lunch - one of our favorite dining establishments.  After eating we took turns opening our fortune cookies.  Part of our family tradition is guessing at the meaning of the little pieces of paper.  They seemed particularly appropriate today.

Rick's - You have made a brilliant choice today. (He voted and then spent the morning in with his wife and son.)

Wil's - Your laugh and enthusiasm pleases those around you. (If you didn't know this already about Wil, check out the above picture.  I mean seriously who wouldn't think he was just so adorable.)

Ann's - You are broad-minded and socially active.  (I think that one is pretty self-explanatory.)

So remember to get out and fulfill you civic responsibility.  These are the elections that should matter the most to all of us, since it is our town and city councils that make the laws that impact our daily lives.  The polls close at 8 PM.

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