The Watchman

The Watchman

Monday, March 12, 2012

Days In the Sun

Have I mentioned how much I love living in Southern Utah?  In case you have missed my extolling of the beauty of the scenery, the many recreational opportunities and most of all the weather, then let me say it again - This is the best place to live!!!!

I am an outdoors girl.  I love the sun.  I don't need toys to enjoy my time outside, I am completely happy sitting on my patio soaking up the sun.  There is nothing like enjoying a sunny day with a good book and a cool drink, unless it is a walk through the hills enjoying the changing colors of autumn.

Last weekend our friends, the Bees, came from northern Utah to visit and escape from the wintery cold.  They were also delivering the truck we had purchased, but that was really just an excuse to soak up some much needed Vitamin D.

Here we are climbing on the rocks in Pioneer Park:

Our group of young adventurers

On top of the world

The small Bees on top of Dixie

My sweetie and I overlooking St George

Greg and Cindy soaking up the sun

This weekend, Rick and I went with our friends Craig and Shelly Jacobson to the NASCAR races in Vegas.  I have never been to a race before and it wouldn't have been in my top ten things to do, but going to a race was on Rick's Bucket List, so off we went.  I have to admit, it was a lot of fun.  The weather was perfect and our friends were as awesome as usual.

Me with Shelly and Craig Jacobson

Lined up to start

It's Danica Patrick

Go Danica in the Go car

With my sweetie.  See how happy he is.

During the week, we have been completing yard projects: Planting flower in pots, finishing the garden boxes, spreading rock, etc.  Hopefully with Spring Break this week, we will be able to have the garden area finished just in time for the storm next weekend to water everything.

Our soon to be garden


  1. FIrst of all, how beautiful is Southern Utah? Gorgeous! Second, NASCAR races are SO loud, but I'm glad you had fun. Third,I am nine kinds of jealous of your garden boxes. You are going to be very busy! Happy Spring!

    1. Southern Utah is the best. I love all the sun and even the heat doesn't bother me. I was looking at pictures from when we moved with snow up to my hips. Don't miss that at all. Come visit sometime. We love to play tour guide.

  2. We had so much fun! It hit 68 up here today so not too bad all around. The race sounds like so much fun.

    Love the garden boxes- I'm teaching a class on that tomorrow night. Guess I should quit reading blogs and get my power point going!

    1. The garden boxes turned out great. Just a couple of weeks and then we can plant. Glad we didn't plant over the weekend with the snow we got today.

  3. The whole state of Utah is gorgeous. My family has vacationed there more times than I can remember. I don't blame you one bit for loving it there. I like your garden boxes. I've been thinking about doing the same thing in my small backyard. Now you've inspired me.

    1. The garden boxes are great. We have used this concept before in other places we have lived and I am always amazed at how much we can plant in a little space. In these boxes we were able to plant 12 tomato plants, 6 squash plants, a cucumber, 2 egg plant, 7 pepper plants, beans and strawberries. We use a mixture of vine type plants, bushy type plants and crawlers with trellises and cages for support and containment. It also helps with watering when the weather heats up, because the low growing plants shade the ground and help keep in the moisture.