The Watchman

The Watchman

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Science Experiments

Yes, the time for the Science Fair is once again upon us.

Last night, Lela and her dad spent time planting snapdragons in individual pots.  She is now going to try and kill them off by "watering" each plant with a different substance.  So far she is planning on water, Sprite, Cola and juice.  We need to come up with a couple of more ideas since she has six plants.

Sometime during the upcoming Spring Break, Emily and I are going to build a robot.  I am hoping to convince her brother, Hunter, to help with this project while he is home visiting.  He has had more experience building robots than his dad and mom combined.  If that doesn't work, maybe he can show her how to make Gummi Bears scream.

This morning, Rick and I decided to conduct a little experiment of our own.  We bought a treadmill a few weeks ago and last night Rick was finally able to find the connection that had come loose in shipping that wasn't allowing it to operate.  This morning he was showing me how everything worked on it.  It really does have a lot of bells, buttons and whistles - literally.  One of the features is built into the handles.  By holding on to them, the treadmill will measure your pulse rate.  Rick demonstrated by having me hold onto the handles while standing still.  Resting pulse per the machine was 74.  Then he started nuzzling my neck.  That number shot up to 98 in seconds.  Guess we proved that the man can still get my heart racing.

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