The Watchman

The Watchman

Friday, May 11, 2012

Crazy May

I thought I would share the items on my agenda for the next ten days till school is out: Band Concert, Orchestra Concert, Honors Night, Scholarship Night, Girl Scout Powderpuff Derby, Youth Group Girls' Day Out, Scrapbooking Night, 5th Grade Graduation, High School Graduation, Select 25 Award Presentation, Father and Sons' Outing and attend a wedding reception for our friends' son.  (Deep breath)

But the best thing of all will be getting to speak with my missionary son on Mother's Day.  I have never called anywhere outside the US other than Canada before, so this should be an adventure.

Today started off the event-filled period with the History Wax Museum for 5th Grade.  Lela was Merriwether Lewis.  She was most excited to learn that he had been shot in the bum.  Luckily all I had to do was help her find a costume without purchasing anything from the store.

Lela as Merriwether Lewis with Tanner as William Clark.  Tanner is really slouched down in this picture.
We joked with Lela that she could give a Fractured Fairy-Tale version of history and explain that Lewis was really a woman who loved adventure by the name of Mary Lewis.  She was good friends with Clark and when he proposed the expedition, he needed someone to go along who would be good at keeping journals and drawing, but in order to receive funding from the government, the person needed to be a man.  So the friends concocted the persona of Merriwether Lewis to accompany Clark and Sacagawea was brought along instead of a male guide in order to meet the needs of propriety.  I am sure my friend and author, Marie Higgins, could make something out of our scenario, but Lela was having none of it. (Click on this link if you want to check out Marie's work.)

I am looking at all this as a warm-up for swimming that starts the week following Memorial Day.  That is real craziness.

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  1. Crazy! If you just didn't have such awesome, accomplished kids there would be fewer places to be! LOL!

    It's been crazy around here too. I'm still trying to finish Jen's landscape plan and it's 1 am. I have a crew showing up at 8 am to enact the plan. Ouch!

    After that, I am OFF duty! I've been doing tons of extra stuff and I'm plum wore out. Come on summer!