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The Watchman

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Power of Grandparents

I have been so blessed to have parents and in-laws who are actively involved in the lives of their grandchildren. As I think back on my childhood, I know how blessed I was to have two very loving grandmothers.  Both my grandfathers died long before I was born, so I did not have the experience of a grandfather until I met my husband and was able to see the interaction between his grandfather and Rick and his siblings.

This week we have been spinning with end-of-the-year activities - three graduations, two concerts, multiple award ceremonies.  It has been both exhausting and joyful.  At each event, my children had the presence and/or support of their grandparents.  I remember my own graduation from high school.  At that time we were limited to the number of guest we could invite.  Most of the studentbody were only provided with two tickets.  I was fortunate since I spoke at graduation I received four tickets and my dad was a dignitary invited to sit on the stand during graduation, I was able to invite not only my parents, but my Grandma Cook and my Great-aunt and Great Uncle.  As I looked at the group we had for Jon and Lela's graduation and the past graduations of Hunter and Wil, I am glad that my children did not have that restriction.

I was especially touched by the faithfulness of another grandmother I witnessed during Seminary Graduation.  Seminary is a four-year program of religious instruction provided by the LDS church for high school age students.  To graduate is a real accomplishment as it entails these young adults sacrificing other activities to participate.  As we attended the Graduation Ceremony for the Hurricane High Seminary with Jon, we sat by a friend of ours who was there supporting her granddaughter.  As far as we could tell, this sweet grandmother was the only person there supporting this young girl who was not only graduating, but spoke at the ceremony.  Prior to the ceremony, this sweet woman leaned to tell me how disappointed her husband was to not be able to be there, but he had needed to work.

It is the faith and support of this grandmother that I have admired over the many years we have known her and her family.  I cannot think of a single activity her many grandchildren have participated in, any program they performed in, or awards ceremony where they have been honored that this grandmother has not been in attendance.  She said to me she did not know how she had been blessed with such amazing grandchildren and I know it is because of her and her dedication and example.

I have been so blessed that my children have the same support from their grandparents even if at times attendance is in spirit only and activities are proceeded or followed by a phone call.  I hope my children's children will be able to have the same support and guidance that I received and that my children receive.

Emily and Lela with Grandpa and Grandma Dickamore.  My dad always gives the
grandchildren new clothes for church for Christmas.

Wil with Grandpa and Grandma Dickamore the day he entered the MTC.

Emily and Lela with Grandpa Dean and Grandma Patti exploring the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Grandpa and Grandma Dickamore at the State Championship Football Game.  

Grandpa Dean reads with Hunter.

Grandma Wixom with Rick and Jon in Washington DC.

Grandma Wixom with Jon on the day he was blessed (christened).

Grandpa Dean with Hunter

Grandpa Dean with Wil

Grandma Wixom with us at the Utah State Fair.

Grandpa Dickamore with Hunter, Jon and Wil helping us move to Texas.

Grandma Dickamore (my mom) with her mother, my Grandma Cook holding Lela
and me on Lela's blessing (christening) day.

Grandma Cook holding me with my mom and Aunt Evadna.

Grandpa Jones with Rick and David on the day Rick left to serve a mission in  Toronto Canada.

Wil's graduation from Hurricane High School.

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