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The Watchman

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How I Spent My Tuesday

Yesterday was one of those almost perfect days that happen so seldom.

About six months ago I found a grant opportunity for the Hurricane City Police Department that would help improve the Department's Youth Safety Programs.  These programs include bike rodeos, walk-your-child-to-school days and the Kid ID Program.  The grant application was very simple to complete in that it was straight forward in the information that was requested, but difficult in that the spaces were limited by character size. Have you ever tried to explain something you are passionate about in 300 characters or less?

The provider was Select Health through their Select 25 program which awards 25 applicants with $2,500 each.  We were thrilled to learn that out of over 300 applications submitted, our program was one of the 25 selected to receive an award.  Through the award process, the people of Select Health have been amazing to work with.  Every step of the way they were quick to respond to questions, provide us information often in anticipation of questions and made all involved with our program feel like they were absolutely appreciated.

One stipulation of the award was that the recipient attend an awards luncheon in Salt Lake City.  Part of that luncheon was a video presentation of each recipient's program.  In April, a camera crew from Select Health traveled to Hurricane to film the our program.  Sergeant Brandon Buell did an excellent job putting together a mini-bike rodeo and a mock walk-to-school event for the filming in cooperation with a local elementary school.  Since waivers for all participants in the video had to be signed, children of school faculty and police department employees were utilized.  The day was a great success and everyone who participated had a good time.

One of my favorite pictures from the video shoot.  I thought the cameraman was especially brave with this one.
When we arrived at the opening reception for the luncheon, our group was met by many representatives from Select Health.  A few said that they had seen the video and were so appreciative of what the Department was trying to accomplish.  Others asked us to describe our program and then provided positive comments on what the Department is trying to accomplish.  The room the reception was held in was decorated with 6 foot banners spotlighting each award recipient.  It was interesting to read what each program was trying to accomplish.  We knew within a few minutes that we were with a very Select group.

Our Banner - Bookmark-like reproductions were used on the tables as decorations.
The video presentation brought tears to my eyes as I learned the stories of some of the other recipient organizations.  Here a few that especially touched my heart.  To learn about all the wonderful organizations recognized as Select 25 recipients, you can use this link to go to the Select Health website.

House of Hope - Due to changes in crib standards, this organization that provides help to individuals overcoming drug addiction will need to replace all the cribs used in their child-care center by the end of the year or have to shut down/ reduce services.  The award they received will go to purchase the needed cribs.

Polizzi Clinic - This clinic was started to provide mental health and psychiatric services to those who would not otherwise be able to afford it by a group of individuals who saw a need and set out to make the solution a reality.  The award will be used to help purchase medication for individuals.

The People's Health Clinic - Provides medical care to uninsured individuals.  The award will go to provide eyeglasses for children.

New Frontiers for Families - Provides safe care for children.  Much of their equipment, such as jump ropes and playground balls, is being held together with duct tape. The award will go to purchase new equipment for these children to use.

Troop 1262 - Provides Scouting activities for refugee Burmese boys that have been relocated to Salt Lake City.  The award will be used to purchase camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bags and backpacks so that these boys can enjoy the outdoors.

After the presentation, I felt so humbled to have been a part of this Select 25 group.  I also felt a sense of validation for the program that the Hurricane City Police Department and Sgt. Buell have spent so many years developing, maintaining and promoting.  In a community that experiences a large amount of traffic due to the number of tourists each year, there have been very few bicycle/automobile or pedestrian/automobile accidents involving children.  I know this due in part to the efforts of the officers of the HCPD.

Upon arriving home, I was able to attend the Hurricane High Honors Night with Rick and our son Jon.  Again I was humbled as I witnessed my son receive many awards for his accomplishments.  I know he has worked so hard for his academic achievements.  He even carried on the family tradition of Perfect Attendance and received a Hurricane Tiger Blanket.  It was also one of those times when as a parent you feel a sense of validation for all those years of science fair projects, band concerts, soccer games, book fairs, parent-teacher conferences and hours and hours of homework.

Jon, in his suit, with his friends awaiting to receive their Utah Scholars Award.
So last night when I laid my head on my pillow, completely exhausted, it was to sweet dreams.

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  1. Love seeing Lela's face on the bookmark. What a great program helping many, many people. Congratulations HCPD on the grant. It was fun watching Jon receive his perfect attendance award/blanket and seeing him accomplish a significant goal he has been working on for multiple years. Way to go! One more tiger blanket decorating the house.