The Watchman

The Watchman

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Real Athletes Don't Wear Shoes

Saturday was the Tri-State Region Swim Championships.  This is the culmination of all the work my girls have done this summer.  I am happy to say that after their preliminary times, they both qualified for the finals on Saturday.  More important, they each met the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the summer.

Emily wanted to improve her backstroke so that she could swim without running into the lane lines and wanted to learn to do flip turns for both the front crawl and the backstroke.  Lela wanted to improve her time in the 100m IM.  At the first meet of the season on June 9, 2012, she received a time of 2:03:49.  Her final time at Championships was 1:39:78.  They were both very happy with their results and are excited for the final Invitational this weekend.  It is aptly titled: Beat the Heat.

Here are some pictures from the preliminary races and videos from the finals:

Lela Attacks the Butterfly

Emily's Straight Lines on her Backstroke
Emily's Smooth Takeoff for the Breaststroke

Emily's Breaststroke

Lela's Breaststroke

Emily's Flipturn in the Front Crawl or Freestyle


  1. Way to go girls!! And Ann; what a supportive mamma you are!!

    1. Thanks Michele. I guess we traded soccer fields in the rain and snow for swimming pools in the sun and humidity, but both are so fun. We just love being active.