The Watchman

The Watchman

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Taste of Heaven

Today I got a little peek at what I imagine Heaven to be like.  After attending our normal church meetings with our own congregation, Rick and I went with our oldest son Hunter to attend the mission report of Hunter's mission president while he served a mission for our church in the Montana Billings Mission.

As we walked into the chapel, Hunter was immediately surrounded by other young men and women, along with a few older couples.  In turn, all put their arms around him and hugged him, welcomed him, and told him that they loved him.  When President Gardner stood to speak, he broke into tears of gratitude and joy and said words could not express how overwhelming it was to be in the presence of a visual representation of all the support they had received during the three years they served the Lord full time.  Sister Gardner expressed the same feelings.

Elder Hunter Wixom with President Larry and Sister Carol Ann Gardner
August 2009

As I listened to the words of these two individuals who took such good care of my son for two years and as I watched the reunion that took place this afternoon, I was filled with a sense of love and joy and the knowledge that this is what heaven will be.  I know that there are many on the other side that love me and are cheering me on.  These individuals want me to succeed and offer help when they can.  One day, we will be reunited and I will be met with open arms and tears of joy.  There will be many hugs and professions of love.

It is this knowledge that helps firm my resolve to be the best person I can be.  I do not want to disappoint those that are cheering me on, especially my elder brother and Savior, Jesus Christ and my Father in Heaven.

I hope you will enjoy this video and find it as inspiring and uplifting as I did.
"Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?" with Alex Boyé and Carmen Rasmusen Herbert 

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