The Watchman

The Watchman

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Have Cricut, Will Travel

Last Wednesday, our oldest mentioned that he was stressing over a project for his new job.  For the coming school year, he is going to be an RA (Resident Assistant) assigned to one of the dorms at Utah State University.  This is a good situation for us, since for two years, he has been unable to find a job in the private sector that would mesh with his very time consuming school schedule (most days you can find him in class or in a lab from 7:30 in the morning till 7:30 at night) and we received notice last year that the scholarship that he has used to pay for his housing is no longer being funded as part of federal budget cuts.

The project that had him concerned was the need to create nametags for the bedroom doors for the incoming students.  Since he would not receive his list of residents until Saturday and the doors had to be decorated by Monday and he had no idea if he would have all male residents or one apartment of males (his) and five apartments of females or some mixture in between, he was feeling some pressure to get this accomplished in a limited amount of time.

As part of his RA duties, he had to develop a program plan of activities and socials with a central theme. He chose the theme "Super Team for a Super Year".  Quite appropriate for my son who comes by his nerdiness genetically.  His first thought was to print images of superheroes from the internet, but he started thinking of the time and cost of ink and variety needed to do this.  I suggested we use my Cricut and the Paper Doll Dress-Up cartridge to create generic superheroes that he could use.

While Rick and the other kids helped him pack and move apartments, I cut out paper dolls and their clothes.  After fifteen plus hours of cutting, two blades, a new mat, and I don't know how many hours of putting together once he had the list, this is what he had:

Hunter was really excited with the way these turned out and he said they went
together faster than expected.  He is afraid he may have set the bar too high.

He even did his first bulletin board to match.
So now I wait for the next call and I will respond with Cricut in tow.  Who knew something so simple could make me a super hero in my son's eyes.

And for all of you that may wonder, we utilized as much of each sheet of paper as possible and what we couldn't use we recycled.


  1. Love these! How cute. I always wondered if a cricket would be worth the money, but you've showed me.......whom to call when I need one! Ha! Good on you, Mama!

    1. Thanks Michele. We had fun making them; a real mother/son bonding experience. I would love to have you to come borrow it anytime.