The Watchman

The Watchman

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kittens, Snakes, Puppies and Chickens

So today the three children that remain at home were discussing the need for additional pets in our family.  Now in my opinion, we have sufficient animals to meet our family's need for filling in chore charts with a dog, a cat, a bird, a turtle and assorted fish.  And while I would be sad to lose any of them, I do not have a burning desire for more.

Emily and Lela have been negotiating with their father for some time for chickens.  They have even brought assorted neighbors into the fray.  But each time the subject is brought up, Rick gets a panicked expression on his face, his eyes roll back in his head as he looks for an escape and he breaks out in a sweat.  So far no chickens.

Emily's latest quest is for a kitten from a neighbor's litter.  Again the answer has been a firm no.  One tiara-wearing cat in the house is enough.

Yesterday, after attending a reptile presentation, Lela decided she wanted a snake.  I told her to mention it to her dad.  I think he is more afraid of snakes than chickens.

Today while I took the children to buy shoes, the conversation again turned to the desired pets.  This time Jon threw in that he wanted another dog.

The plan devised today is to present to their father the four choices and see if they can get him to pick one.  If those were the only choices, I would place my money on another dog if those were the only choices, but it seems that there is a sixth answer to the question:

Which animal may we get as a new pet?
A. Kitten
B. Snake
C. Puppy
D. Chickens
E. All of the Above
F. None of the Above

Maybe one day they might catch both of us at a weak moment, or maybe they will sic "Aunt Linda" on us again.  Although when I mentioned that there was a rabbit at the Animal Shelter, all three children responded with a loud no because "Don't you know mom, rabbits stink!!!"

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