The Watchman

The Watchman

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Month of Gratitude - November 17

Lela, Jon and Emily

Today I went with my children to the Jubilee of Trees.  This annual event is held to help raise money for the local hospital.  It was fun to spend the time with the kiddos enjoying the creativity and talents of so many wonderful people.  Here are some of the fun trees we saw:

Squirrels seemed to be a part of many of the trees

This one was fun with all the toys.  Lela loved the Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy Dolls.
Mr. Potatohead made us think of Wil.

There was lots of orange, purple, teal and lime green used in the trees. I thought this one was fun.

This tree was our all around favorite.  It took over five years to put together as he built each replica of the historical buildings.

The kids loved seeing the Grafton Schoolhouse and Pine Valley Chapel.

A list of all the buildings

This tree had an ocean theme and we thought of Grandpa Dean and Monterey last Thanksgiving.
Emily performed with the La Verkin Choir

We all came home from our expedition feeling inspired.  In fact Emily felt we needed to put together a surprise for Rick and bring a little bit of the Jubilee to our house.  Here is the tree inspired by what we saw that the girls and I put together:

I am so glad Rick has a sense of humor.  He thought it was cute.  I guess we will see what kind of reaction we get from Hunter.


  1. I remember doing this with Michigan/Michigan state decorations. One of the teams always came up missing something each day until it was a total Michigan tree....

    1. I am waiting to see if Hunter brings any USU decorations to add to the tree when he comes down for Thanksgiving. We did receive a very irate phone call after he read this post.