The Watchman

The Watchman

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Month of Gratitude - November 7

So I have to do it.  Today I have to brag on my children.  I have been so blessed to have caring, happy, talented, smart, motivated children.

Today I went to Lela's Parent Teacher Conference.  It is nice to hear good things about your child from others.  Lela jokingly told me we had to go to her math class, so that I could hear how wonderful she is.  Scary is more like it when it comes to math.  Her Language Arts teacher let me know that she had specifically assigned Lela a seat to help a couple of other students in the class.  Her Orchestra teacher said she would love to have a whole class of Lelas.

A teacher at the elementary school let me know how grateful she is for Emily and her willingness to help with a student who struggles.  She complimented me on Emily's compassion and kindness towards her fellow student.  During the last weeks, I was able to see Emily perform in both her dance recital and the story-telling festival.  I am impressed by her ability to step out of her comfort and explore and develop new talents, then share them with others.

I can remember similar experiences with my boys when they were young, but they are grown now and have their own lives in which their dad and I play only a small part.  But we are so grateful for the fine young men they have become.

It is nice to hear something positive, especially on a day that was so filled with negative.  It really made my day brighter.

I challenge everyone to go out and say something nice to someone else today, especially if they aren't expecting it.


  1. You have set beautiful examples for your children. Aren't the reports of your children's kindness so much more important than letter grades? Good job, momma!

    1. Academics are important, but I absolutely agree that behavior is more important than letter grades. Aren't we trying to raise good human beings, not just someone who can pass a test?