The Watchman

The Watchman

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Month of Gratitude - November 27

This morning I chased my daughter up the driveway.  She was having her normal "You may walk me to the bus stop, but I am not going to acknowledge you" attitude and had hurried up the driveway well ahead of us.  So rather than call to her to slow down, I ran.  When I caught up to her, she said that all my walking now had her worried, because I could actually catch her.  I also showed her that I can run literal circles around her.

Tonight, I was asked to take dinner into a neighbor's home who had recently had a baby.  After the meal was prepared to be delivered, I asked Rick if he would like to join me on the delivery.  He gladly agreed to go along.  I then asked if he had his car keys.  Instead he suggested we walk.  How nice it was to walk down the street with my husband on a beautiful evening and be able to have a conversation and not feel out of breath.


  1. Good for you, girl! I must admit, I'd be waving to my daughter like a lunatic if she didn't want me to come along....clearly, you're the better (and healthier!) person!!

    1. It is probably Rick who is the healthier person. He holds me back when I want to run to the bus stop and plant a big smooch on her cheek.