The Watchman

The Watchman

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Month of Gratitude - November 21

Today, in between all the running around completing the last minute shopping and finishing and wrapping the presents that need to head north with family, I was able to get in some "Mandi-time".  What is "Mandi-time"?  It is my weekly lunch with my friend at our local Durango's.  Sometimes we allow others to join us, but most of the time it is just the two of us.  We are both homebodies when evening rolls around, preferring to spend time with spouse and children than go out with friends, so this weekly lunch is our girl time.  Usually, it occurs on Thursdays, but with the pending holiday we rescheduled and moved it up a day.

What do we do during our weekly lunch?  Laugh, laugh, and laugh.  Sometimes we cry.  We tell stories about our too cute to believe kids, our awesome husbands, and the continuing adventures of our families.  We support each other.  We encourage each other.  We may not always agree, but we respect each other.  And did I mention we laugh - ALOT!


  1. Everyone needs a "Mandi"! Good for you to be able to balance your family and still sneak in that bit of friend time. Laughing with a good friend rocks.

    1. It always amazes me how just an hour during the week can rejuvenate my spirit. Laughter can be the best medicine.