The Watchman

The Watchman

Friday, November 9, 2012

Month of Gratitude - November 9

For a few moments I can sit back and relax, before it is on to the next event.

I was able to spend my time this morning at the elementary school finishing the events from the Fall Festival - ie announcing The Pie in The Face Vote winner.

Here is the video of the results.

Today showed me once again how blessed I am that my children have had and continue to have great teachers, administration and support staff at their schools.  I have never been one to make teacher requests, but have always prayed that my children will be given the person that can have the greatest impact on their life at that time.  I have never been disappointed and as a result my children have a developed a love of learning and the desire to continue even when the subject matter is difficult.  This knowledge and ability will take them far.


  1. Love. You're such a good "school-y" mom. THose teachers are lucky to have you as well.

    1. Lots of great memories during my students elementary years. Hard to believe it is soon to end (only one more year). Once they get to middle and high school, it is not as much fun. They take themselves too seriously, not willing to be silly. I am going to enjoy these last years.

      As always, thanks for your kindness.